DiaPhone DiaPhone How secure do you feel sharing confidential company information over the phone?

Over the last months several countries worldwide have passed laws forcing telecom providers to store and make available communication logs to supervisory bodies.

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How can you maximize your profit by using efficient and secured software? DiaAdmin DiaAdmin

Secured, encrypted, untraceable data storage. Keeping track of stock movements, funds transferred, interest calculation. Building accounts, extensive profit reports and alance sheets. Creating a global overview of your business at the click of a button. These are just a few of the daily challenges faced.

Since 1988 DiaAdmin software allows you to enter, track and report ALL transactions made in an agile, flexible and user friendly manner!

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DiaMail DiaMail How comfortable are you with people reading your private mails?

Recently a number of e-mail accounts of diamond companies were hacked. These hackers sent out mails to clients with details of existing invoices, providing false payment instructions. These instructions requested payment to the hacker’s off-shore accounts.

These false mails were written in the exact same format as previous mails and signed with the same name and signature. These mails looked real!

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How to turn your global branches into one cost-effective crew? DiaCrew DiaCrew

Would you like to have secured access to ALL your company’s digitalized information from anywhere in the world, on any device connected to the Internet, just like sitting n your office chair? Independent of whether you’re at home, in a hotel, an airport terminal, an internet café, ... How would you like to check out the daily results of your companies worldwide?

Or maybe you would just like to make a sale and print an invoice, on a client’s computer in Israel, Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world while your stock in Antwerp is adjusted?

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DiaMotus DiaMotus How secure is your video surveillance in case of emergency?

All companies that trade in valuable goods, especially diamond companies, invest in a video surveillance system to protect them against criminals. This video surveillance system stores recorded images locally in the office. But...

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How often do you feel limited or watched when browsing the internet? DiaBrowse DiaBrowse

Over the last months several countries worldwide have passed laws forcing telecom providers to store and make available browsing history to supervisory bodies.

Also certain countries block specific content on the internet.

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