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All companies that trade in valuable goods, especially diamond companies, invest in a video surveillance system to protect them against criminals. This video surveillance system stores recorded images locally in the office. But...

  • Motion detection happens.
  • Your existing video surveillance system stores images or video files on the DiaMotus system.
  • DiaMotus instantly detects new files.
  • DiaMotus immediately transfers these files to the
  • DiaMotus Server using a secure SSL connection.

How secure is your video surveillance in case of emergency?

DiaMotus Offers you:

Complete safety

  • Images stored on DiaMotus are uploaded instantly.
  • Even if your DiaMotus system is destroyed or stolen, you have the evidence online!
  • Data transfers between local and remote system are SSL encrypted.


  • DiaMotus is compatible with your existing video surveillance system.
  • DiaMotus acts as a storage device, where your video surveillance system can store images or video when motion is detected.
  • DiaMotus is an extension to your current system.


  • The DiaMotus system can be fully customized: capacity and form factor can be adapted to your needs.
  • Store images or video local for a specified time.
  • Enjoy unlimited online DiaMotus storage!

Global presence in the diamond industry

  • Present in the market since 1988.
  • Core-systems in every major diamond center.
  • In-depth knowledge of market needs.