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How comfortable are you with people reading your private mails?

Recently a number of e-mail accounts of diamond companies were hacked. These hackers sent out mails to clients with details of existing invoices, providing false payment instructions. These instructions requested payment to the hacker’s off-shore accounts.

These false mails were written in the exact same format as previous mails and signed with the same name and signature. These mails looked real!


DiaMail Offers you:

Complete protection

  • Banking level security using digipass login (Password changes every 30 seconds).
  • Brute force and key-logging attack is therefore rendered impossible.
  • No storage of e-mails on any external servers.

Secured connection independent of working environment

  • 4096-bit SSL encryption.
  • Secured and encrypted exchange of information between client and server.
  • No account information logged in any local network.

Closed e-mail circuit

  • No e-mail traffic over the unsecure internet making interception impossible.
  • Only authenticated mails from trustworthy sources can be received eliminating the risk of receiving forged e-mails.
  • Automated SMS notification on cell phone when mail is received.

Global presence in the diamond industry

  • Present in the market since 1988.
  • Core-systems in every major diamond center.
  • In-depth knowledge of market needs.