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How can you maximize your profit by using efficient and secured software?

Secured, encrypted, untraceable data storage. Keeping track of stock movements, funds transferred, interest calculation. Building accounts, extensive profit reports and balance sheets. Creating a global overview of your business at the click of a button. These are just a few of the daily challenges faced.

Since 1988 DiaAdmin software allows you to enter, track and report ALL transactions made in an agile, flexible and user friendly manner!

The DiaAdmin software is the result of an ongoing synergy between us and our clients. Still today we are convinced that this is the only way to build a program that takes diamond administration to a higher level. Today, changes are made and new features are added because our software is a representation of the market situation: always changing, improving and re-inventing itself.

One of the most important values of our company are our clients. A tremendous amount of innovations were created on their demand. It is thanks to our clients that we can stay ahead of market requirements.


DiaAdmin Offers you:

Complete privacy

  • In combination with our dedicated DiaCrew servers we provide secured encrypted connections to the software application.
  • User management allows for limited access rights per user if wanted/needed.
  • Trustworthy team of professionals with +25 years of experience.

State of the art, easily reachable service and support

  • Local support teams in Antwerp, Mumbai and Dubai.
  • Global 24/7 support through remote sessions.
  • Training, installation, initial data entry, ... fully included in initial license agreement.
  • Guaranteed intervention within the hour in case of severe problems.

Extremely customizable application as per market demands

  • Software development teams in Belgium and India release on average 25 new updated, tested versions per year.
  • Direct links to rapaport, idex, private websites, …
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office suite.

Advice in making management decisions

  • You will be able to take rapid and accurate decisions based on exact and strategic information.
  • Global reach and efficient cost management lead to higher productivity.
  • Live reporting allows you to discover new revenue possibilities and rapidly insert new products into the system generating more profit.