About us

Hoveniersstraat 55, 4th floor, Box 15
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
P: +32 3 225 23 04
F: +32 3 225 23 07
E: info@privacy.diamonds
W: http://privacy.diamonds

Privacy.Diamonds is a joint venture of XSS & Exabyte

Hoveniersstraat 55, 4th floor, Box 15
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
P: +32 3 225 23 04
F: +32 3 225 23 07
E: sales@xss.be
W: http://xss.be

XSS BVBA has been a trusted technology partner for the diamond industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge of this market, passed on over 3 generations, allows us to design custom made solutions for the industry and stay ahead of market demands.

Our core product is the DiaAdmin software, enabling users to keep track of – and report on any transaction made worldwide. In order for users to make these entries in a controlled and secured environment we created Citrix Remote Workspace access to the application.

As a result of constantly striving for state of the art security and privacy solutions we can now offer an array of products to suit your every business need.

Our main office, home base to 6 full-time staff members, is located in Antwerp. Late 2012 our India operations were launched out of our Mumbai offices, and that is now home base for 5 full-time staff members.

We also schedule monthly visits to the Dubai market and are planning our second satellite office opening in the course of 2014.

Besides these markets we also cater to Israël, USA, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and any other part of the world where diamonds are traded.

Exabyte BVBA

Keulendam 2a
2870 Puurs, Belgium
P: +32 3 369 01 20
F: +32 3 369 01 21
E: info@exabyte.be
W: http://exabyte.be

Exabyte BVBA was founded in 2008.

Exabyte BVBA specializes in offering a total IT solution for small, medium and large enterprises. The Exabyte BVBA main office is located near Antwerp.

The solutions Exabyte BVBA can offer its customers are servers, networking, desktop, laptops, firewalls, security, virtualization, remote working and many more.

Since a few years Exabyte BVBA is the preferred partner of XSS for its systems and its customers systems. This way XSS can provide state-of-the-art systems to its customers.